Clinical Audiologist & Co-Director

Kim Nguyen

About Kim

Kim is an audiologist passionate about all sports, classic movies and shows, and improving people’s well-being. His dedication to helping others with their hearing health is highlighted by his compassionate nature and commitment to making a positive and long-lasting impact on people’s lives.

Kim has extensive knowledge and experience in conducting comprehensive evaluations, providing personalised management plans and offering suitable recommendations to enhance the clients’ hearing health and overall quality of life.

Outside of his profession, Kim loves to spend quality time with the family and find joy and relaxation in the sports and media entertainment industries. With his background and passion in film and television analysis, he has developed a skillset that allows him to always view situations through multiple lenses and think outside the box.

An audiologist who values multiple perspectives can deliver more effective and compassionate patient care. By understanding the diverse needs and experiences of individuals with ear health issues, he can tailor management plans, communicate empathetically, be open to new technologies and collaborations with other healthcare professionals, and offer holistic care that improves his clients’ overall well-being and satisfaction.



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